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It's Hospitality: Mobile App

UI/UX Design | Mobile Design | Iconography
(before Design)
The Challenge

IH tasked me with creating an easy dashboard feature in the app that would link the users to things they'd need once they got to a new city. On their existing app, IHcities, features were scattered and difficult to find.

The Process

I started to look into the existing app and figure ways to make vast improvements when it came to usability and finding certain features. I also was wanting to give the app platform a cleaner look, and streamline features into different categories so that users could find them more easily.

IH Mockup.jpg
Screen Shot 2018-12-18 at 9.58.43 AM.png
(After Design)
The Solution

I created a new, sleek, clean design that was easy to use and navigate. Users chose from three tabs that presented them with different options and were able to find what they needed easily. They also had the ability to make reservations at restaurants if they wanted, and now have a whole tab dedicated to personalizing their stay. The PDF files for the wireframes can be found here.

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