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IFYC: Conference Schedule

Brand Design | Print | Iconography 
The Challenge

In the past, IFYC has had high printing costs. Conference schedules were 5-6 pages long, color, and all printed. I was given the task to cut printing costs, make the schedule easy to read and much shorter. In conjunction with the printed schedules, conference attendees could access session details via an event mobile app.

The Process

I had to find ways to significantly condense information so that it would fit on less pages, stay on brand, and look good. I started by sketching. I knew that I would have to communicate less with more, which is why I went for the icons. I also opted to leave all the session summaries on the app itself, and placed instruction on how to

access the app right on the back. 

2015 Atlanta ILI Schedule Side 1-6.jpg
2015 Atlanta ILI Schedule Side 2-4.jpg
The Solution

The new design cut our printing costs in half. It was well received by the organization, conference attendees, and looked great with the rest of our conference materials. Instead of carrying around a small packet that was the old conference schedule, conference attendees (mostly college students) only needed one sheet of paper. I stayed on brand, cut costs, providing a new way for the organization to save money, paper, and time. This designed schedule was used for all following conferences.

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