It's Hospitality: Brand

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(before Design)
The Challenge

I was tasked with creating a new, cohesive brand with style guidelines that could be implemented across IH's many platforms, alongside a new logo.

The Process

I did extensive research into universal symbols of the hospitality industry that could also double as fun, bright imagery for the logo. I played with different color palettes and came up with the below designs. I found that a pineapple - is actually the most widely recognized symbol of hospitality, and laid that as the groundwork for the logo design.

(after design)
The Solution

The new logo, style guidelines, and overall brand set the tone for IH. It was clean, sleek, playful, and fun. I went with a bright color palette because I felt that it communicated happiness, satisfaction, and joy. The new logo was simple but still unique, and the font complemented a luxurious feel.