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Heart Rhythm Society: Brand

Brand & Marketing Design | Print | Iconography | Illustration
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The Challenge

HRS brought me on as a content marketing designer. I have designed for web and print in my time there, alongside infographics and other supporting materials for the brand. Most of my projects were for their annual conference, Heart Rhythm Scientific Sessions.

The Process

HRS has style guidelines that they follow closely. As their designer, I pushed the limits and tried to balance their style with my own creativity while coming up with innovative, fresh designs. While the challenge was often to go beyond limits, in this situation it was to be creative while remaining within them. I sketched out design ideas (often on an iPadPro), showed them to my team, and then moved forward with the design. 

The Solution

After going back and forth with my team, presenting options for my designs, one for each project gets picked. A few are shown above. They are all on-brand, using the HRS colors and style guidelines, but are also fresh, innovative and new designs.

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